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When should I arrive for my appointment?2018-03-29T15:06:42-05:00

We ask that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to your appointment to fully benefit from The Skin Loft experience and complete your intake paperwork and consent forms. Once you’ve checked in, you’ll have a chance to relax in our lounge area with a warm aromatic foot soak, soft spa music in the background while you sip on complimentary tea, coffee or fresh fruit spa water. If you find yourself wanting to relax a little more or unwind from the day, we also offer champagne and wine upon request. Lite snacks are also provided on our beverage bar for you to enjoy.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-12-14T17:07:23-06:00

We realize that emergencies come up, however we have a very strict and enforced cancellation policy. We kindly ask that you give us 48 hours’ notice for all non-medical appointments (facials, waxing, lash treatments, massage therapy, teeth whitening) and 72 hours for all medical appointments (all laser treatments, chemical treatments, cosmetic injectables, vein treatments, permanent makeup for brows or lip blushing).  For same day cancellation or no shows, 100% of the treatment will be charged.  For all others, there will be a 50% charge.

What if I arrive late for my treatment?2018-03-29T15:09:41-05:00

If you’re running late for your appointment, please call us and we will try to make adjustments so that you can enjoy all of the time that was scheduled. However, please understand that this won’t always be possible. If you are late, you will be responsible for payment for the entire service that was scheduled.

How does pricing work? Is gratuity included?2018-03-29T15:10:53-05:00

The Skin Loft Med Spa reserves the right to modify, discontinue services, or raise prices on certain treatments without prior notification to ensure that maximum standards of service and quality are met. If you have any questions about pricing, please ask our Guest Service Representative when you book your appointment. Gratuities and tipping is at the discretion of our clients and is greatly appreciated but not expected. Gift certificates do not include gratuity unless specifically noted otherwise.

What forms of payment do you accept?2018-04-13T14:24:43-05:00

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, business and personal checks and cash. To secure your appointment, we will request a credit card or gift certificate number at the time you make your reservation; however, you can pay for your services on the day of your appointment with cash, check, credit card and/or gift certificate. Any services paid for over the phone via credit card will be subject to a $3.00 fee.

What if I have a medical condition or I am pregnant?2018-03-29T15:13:25-05:00

We request that you disclose any medical conditions and/or prescription medications to your aesthetician as some services may be contraindicated. Please advise our professional staff of any allergies or sensitivities or if you are pregnant. Some treatments can not be performed and products applied during the first trimester of pregnancy so please always inform us if there is something we need to be aware of during your time with us.

How do gift cards/gift certificates & retail purchases work?2021-12-18T15:10:46-06:00

Gift Cards/Gift Certificates:  We sell both gift cards and gift certificates and both are a wonderful gift for any special occasion or celebration. The Skin Loft Med Spa is not responsible for lost gift certificates or gift cards. Gift cards are non transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Gift cards can also not be used towards gratuities. Any gift card won or given during a giveaway, donation or special can not be used in conjunction when paying for a service with a purchased gift card. “Free” gift cards earned during our holiday gift card promotion can only be used towards a service in $20.00 increments. Gift cards are not redeemable towards products or gratuities.

All gift cards or gift certificates must be redeemed within 12 months from purchase.  Any donated, giveaway or promotional gift cards must be used within 30 days of donation event, giveaway or promo date.

Retail Purchases: All retail purchases must be exchanged within 14 days of purchase.  We do not offer refunds.  Retail purchases can be used as exchange or store credit only towards another retail purchase.


How do I determine which facial to choose?2018-04-06T13:25:04-05:00

The aestheticians at The Skin Loft Med Spa are trained to customize each of our facial treatments for your particular skin through skin analysis and consultation. After analyzing your skin and discussing all areas of concern that you would like addressed, together you both will determine the best treatment for your immediate needs. This may mean that you do not receive the facial or treatment you booked but one rather more suited to your skin type.

Should men shave before a facial?2018-04-06T13:24:34-05:00

Shaving is recommended but please be sure to do so at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Shaving too soon could result in skin sensitivity to products and procedures.

How long after injectable or laser treatments can I get a facial or a massage?2018-04-06T13:24:14-05:00

Post injections you want to wait a period of TWO WEEKS to receive any type of skin care/facial treatment that involves the manipulation of tissue or massaging of facial muscles.

What information should I share with my aesthetician?2018-03-29T15:16:46-05:00

We have set this time out especially for you and realize that time is a valuable commodity these days and because of that we want to ensure your every expectation and need is met during your visit. If you have a special request to make your treatment more enjoyable such as dimmer lights, softer music, an extra blanket, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask.

If there are certain things you wish your aesthetician NOT to do such as talk, massage your face, use oils, massage your scalp/hair, please communicate your desires.

In addition, you have the obligation to let your therapist know about any health related conditions that could potentially cause you discomfort or harm during the course of your treatment. This would include, but is not limited to, pregnancy, recent surgeries, diabetes, injuries, high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, shellfish or iodine allergies, and any other allergies that you are aware of.

All of our services are designed to nurture, relax, restore and renew as well as meet your specific needs. We always welcome your input and feedback.

Are there any rules of etiquette?2018-03-29T15:18:02-05:00

Because we want to ensure every single guests comfort and relaxation is not disturbed or interrupted, please use your spa voice when lounging in the relaxation room and also put all cell phones on silent. The use of cell phones, cameras and electronic devices is not permitted in the spa relaxation room. Should you need to take a call, please kindly step out to the front reception area to do so. We also realize some of our guests have little ones at home so please feel free to put your phone on vibrate and keep it with you during your treatment. For our guests who need to bring their children with them, please understand the spa relaxation area is reserved for our guests and that no children are allowed in this area. We will gladly get you situated comfortably in the reception area until your treatment time. Children are also not to be left unattended. They must be with you at all times.

Will I be able to purchase the products used in my treatment?2018-03-29T15:19:33-05:00

We carry a full array of professional skincare and body products so you can duplicate the benefits at home. Your provider will customize a treatment plan for you and get you a home care regimen recommendation for your consideration. Please note some products used during your treatment are sold to professionals only and may not be available for purchase however we will do our best to get you a product comparable that offers the same great results for you to use in between your treatments with us to maximize the results and keep your skin healthy and happy at home.

Should I shave before my laser treatment?2018-04-06T13:20:21-05:00

Shaving is recommended but please be sure to do so no less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Certain products and medications also need to be avoided prior to any laser treatment. This includes all photosensitive antibiotics, retinoids, retin-a’s, topical exfoliants/ acids, self tanners and bronzers. Recent sun exposure is a direct contraindication for any laser treatment for two weeks prior and two weeks post laser treatment. Please be advised that should you expose yourself prior to your appointment and not fully disclose this to your provider it can result in burning of the skin and serious adverse reactions. Please also notify your aesthetician if you are pregnant.

How do I prepare for cosmetic injectable services/treatments?2018-04-06T13:28:19-05:00

We all like to have a glass of wine or a cocktail every now & then but before a cosmetic injectable treatment, it really isn’t the best thing to do. To avoid any post treatment bruising and swelling for a period of seven days ( one week) prior to your appointment please refrain from consuming any alcohol, caffeine or taking medications or supplements that can cause your blood to thin. This includes ibuprofen, advil, fish oils and blood thinners. Please notify your aesthetician or certified cosmetic injector should you have issues with clotting or if you are a free bleeder. You want to also refrain from working out, sweating, receiving a massage, eating spicy foods or any type of aggressive cleansing with or without a brush for about 72 hours post treatment. This will avoid the spreading/breakdown of product and give you the most optimal results.

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