Alison Cantrall

Nurse Practitioner & Certified Cosmetic Injector

Hi there I’m Alison Cantrall, board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. I am a mom of four awesome kids, nurse, indoor cycling instructor and certified aesthetic injector. I’ve been trained and administering facial injections for the last three and a half years and I absolutely love it! In my spare time I love running, fitness, nutrition and watching my kids play sports. I love nutritious, healthy foods but my absolute favorite guilty pleasure food is pizza! Pizza and Movie night is a Friday night tradition in our home! One thing people wouldn’t guess about me is that I’m extremely introverted and shy. I enjoy a small, quiet circle of close friends and my family over large crowds and excitement. The absolute best thing about my profession is helping people live happier, healthier lives. I never give up on my patients! I listen attentively and work diligently towards fixing their health issues, whether they be physical, emotional, or from an aesthetic standpoint. It is my duty and honor to never leave anyone wondering if they’ve been heard! My favorite type of vacation would include a spa, a gym, and a secluded beach somewhere. And last but not least, my favorite guilty pleasure has got to be chocolate! Whether it be chocolate cake or chocolate cheesecake, there’s absolutely nothing yummier than that!
Alison Cantrall - Nurse Practitioner & Certified Cosmetic Injector